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Contact Details

Mark Lloyd

Chairman, Rally Equipment Officer &

West Central Region Delegate

07818 283 601

Michelle Lloyd


01952 820 586

 Kris Williams

Vice Chairman & Rally Plaque Officer

07585 551 745


Stephen Lloyd

Vice Chairman & C.L.O. (Childrens Liaison Officer)

07985 421302


Jim Hesbrook


01952 276 891

Martyn Prince

Rally Secretary &

West Central Region Delegate

07488 303 154

01948 665 281


Wendy Prince

Publicity Officer

07507 127594

01948 665 281

Lindsy Lloyd

Competitions Officer

07985 202 896


What's Rallying About

So what is a Rally?  A rally is a gathering of Caravanning friends. The Shropshire Centre was formed fifty years ago and hold rallies from March to November over weekends, holidays and Bank holidays. A weekend rally will start usually around lunchtime on Friday, however some arrive late on the Friday evening or even on a Saturday morning. When you arrive at the rally, which may be a part of a site set aside for rallies, a farmers field or maybe a stately home, you should first report to the marshal who is running the rally who will welcome you. The marshal will tell you about what they’ve planned give you details the cost of the weekend. We hold an opening flag meeting usually on the Friday evening, bring along your cups for a cup of tea or coffee and a friendly chat with fellow members. The cost of the rallies is down to the landowner and a small admin fee to cover Centre expenses and usually booking as a group we usually get a small discount. Although the marshal may have laid on a programme for the weekend you are under no obligation to take part in anything that you do not wish to. Sometimes during the summer months we take along our Event Shelters where you bring along your own drinks and we get together and have a quiz or game or two. In the spring or autumn we may occasionally hire a village hall. On some rallies food may be provided on the Saturday evening. This can be a buffet, American supper or even a cooked meal. On Sunday we hold our closing flag. This is where a Committee member will thank the marshals for the weekend and let everyone know of any news again tea and coffee is normally available. The rally finishes sometime on the Sunday afternoon.

Who are the Marshals?                                                                                                               The marshals are the members running of the rally on behalf of the Shropshire Centre.  The marshals carry out the members booking and running of the weekend. Marshals are normal ralliers who DO NOT get paid for putting on the rally. When you arrive on the rally field the marshals will assist you in deciding where you want to be sited. They will also let you know where the water tap is, where you can empty your waste water and where the elsan point is situated. Should you have any questions during the rally the marshals will be able to help you.


Rallying without electric hook-up                                                                                           If your tempted in joining us but believe you can't caravan without being plugged into the electric we ask you to try it. On our main holiday we always find a suitable site with electric for all but on many weekend or Bank Holidays we rely on decent pre-charged battery which will last you a weekend and if you need any more members take their solar panels. A recent national survey found that cost wise you will use roughly the same amount of gas for heating, hot water, fridge and cooking as being plugged into the electric, gas seems more expensive as you pay for it in one bottle charge as with electric it is charged nightly. Ralliers caravans can use 12volt batteries to run TV's, DVD players, game consoles and even hair straighteners.


Questions to the Club                                                                                                                  From time to time Caravan Club members occassionally have a serious question, a compliment (or even a odd moan) that they would like answering about any of the Clubs activities such as the National, Club Magazine, Club Sites, CL's, Rallying or any other of the Club services such as Insurance/Red Pennant they have experienced. If you would like to tell us what's good and what's not the Region would love to hear from you and we will take your questions to our quarterly meetings with the West Central Region and hopefully get some answers.

Did you know that a Caravan Club member from Shropshire raised the issue that the Caravan Club AGM/Annual Member Meeting was being held in London and should be held more central, well following this for the past two years it's now held near Birmingham. So any questions or ideas you have let's put them to the Club, all we need is your question, so come along and find either Martyn Prince or Mark Lloyd on the rally field who are your Shropshire delegates for the Region or alternatively by email, please include your name and membership number and either home address or telephone number in order for the Club to reply.

Email to Mark or Maryn



Next Event:

Our rally season starts at Clun in beautiful South Shropshire for the weekend of  16-18 March and we have the Hall all weekend. Hardstanding for all caravans and motorhomes. Phone today and book yor pitch.    

If you have any queries regarding the Centre please call any of the Committee (details on contact page) for a friendly chat or wish to book a rally, please call the Marshals running the rally (details on rally page),






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